Marriage? Not until you’re 30 ! 🍎

Some Couples marry before the Age of 30. IMHO this is a really bad move. Why?  Between the Ages of 12 and 30 I learned many things. You learned many things, I’m sure.  One of the things I DIDN’T learn…..was whatever is contained in this Box actually Does for a Living. I’m stumped.  Is it used for Recording?  Is it a photographic device of some kind? Why am I opening this box? I’ll only end up being disappointed in myself…in my MANY Shortcomings…People will laugh and that will bring on Mountains of Sadness. I wonder if “Prince Harry” knows what this contraption is?  #iampathetic   🎩


For those who were helping me find out who this Songbird is, I remain Sonically Stumped. @nicole kehl   Where are you?

Nicole Kehl.jpg

Three of the Emails which arrived in the past 30 minutes asked which bass, if I could have only One, (now THAT’S a Silly Thought~ One Bass!? ) would I be playing. I’ve long known the answer to that. A Shiny Quarter to the first person who can tell me what it is.