What a Difference a Week Makes.


…….https://youtu.be/IFxCRU2pdXkSoldier of Fortune

The Good News is that two weeks ago I had Surgery on my Left Eye.  It appears to have been Successful. We take our Sight for Granted…..and we Shouldn’t.

The Bad News is that I contracted some type of infection two days later…sinus related it appears…which left me absolutely wasted and completely Breathless.  At one point my coughing became so intense that I was fairly certain that I was going to suddenly feel my Heart cease to Beat….and I’d Expire. My Lungs Hated me. My Eye hated me. I Hated me.  Sincere thanks to Dr Sean Dacus and his Staff for going above and beyond the Call of Duty …. and keeping me on this Earth.

As I’d mentioned previously I was quite moved with the Wedding of “Harry and the Duchess”.  I shouldn’t have been as those things aren’t exactly my Cup of Chai….but I was….I felt like a Baby as I watched from beginning to end and went through half a box of Kleenex in the Process.

It took me Several days to put ALL the pieces together but I believe I finally have…..and the pic you see at the Top of this page, shamelessly ripped off from @lowveecole , should give you a hint.  Diana has always been a major influence in my life for one simple Reason; I can relate to much of what she went through in Life…..especially the feeling of being Used. No matter which rung you end up on as far as the “Ladder of Life” goes, that feeling or emotion applies to many of us.  🎩  ❤️  🎧

As if On Que, out came +Candice Night , wife of Richie Blackmore, the Woman you see singing in the Video Above and the Perfect Image of my “Imaginary Lover”.  Although in Real Life I’m completely Done with Relationships as they haven’t exactly worked out well for me, my Dream Machine continues to Conjure up the Perfect Relationship for me, place it in my Mind and Dangle it there….. and she’s pretty darn close.  However, I’m always aware that THIS Image also applies.


Life is an Odd Game….is it Not??  🎩  🍎 ❤️ 🎧


Well Now…..That was quite a Wedding. 🎩

Let me be quite Clear…….I did NOT get up at 4 a.m to watch the Royal Wedding.  I watched it at 9 P.M this evening. I had absolutely No Idea what to expect as I’ve not seen anything like this since Diana’s Death. Until tonight I had no idea who Meghan was nor did I particularly care. I didn’t really know much about Harry either…..but I learned quite a lot about him AND about the entire Family AFTER the Wedding…..by watching the CNN Special about the “Royals”.  Why then did I go through half a box of Kleenex as I watched an Event that I shouldn’t have even Cared about, never mind watched….. but one which I’m now quite sure will have a Profound Effect on all of us for a VERY long time to come?? 🎩  While Nobody is going to say it, we’re all thinking the same thing……the World’s Biggest Asshole wasn’t there to ruin it for us. #refreshing

For the past couple of Years we’ve been Burdened and Stressed by non-stop coverage of a Country in Flames…OUR Country….and here we were…..watching Women in Wild Hats and each of us quietly Wishing that England would take us back…even if it was just for a bit. While a “Royal Family” is certainly a bit weird, it is VERY Charming. I suspect that now we’ll all, depending on our ages, reflect differently for quite some time.

For me, I clearly recall being at home, a sick day from school, laying on the Couch, when JFK was Shot and killed in Dallas.  I watched as the News cut in, announced that JFK had been shot and then sat in disbelief as I saw the news slowly unfold before my eyes. Walter Cronkite cried…..my Mom entered the room as I called to her and She cried. The entire World shut down…..long before the invention of the World Wide Web…..and when there were only three channels from which to choose on TV.  Details took HOURS to arrive, not seconds…..and it went on and on for days….and then Weeks. It was Tough.

After JFK’s Death the Country went through a VERY Strange Time….trying hard to find itself again…not doing well at Healing……and as Strange as it was, Great Britain bailed us out with another Invasion…..the Arrival of “The Beatles”. If you’re too Young to have actually witnessed what that was all about there’s no way that Words can explain it….cuz we were TOTALLY out of Control. Wave after Wave of Music came at us, almost all of it from England, Everyone was involved in one way or another…and it had quite an amazing Healing Power on everyone. God Save the Queen!

I felt that same sort of “Healing” as I watched the British whack me again tonight….and Whack they did. Everything timed perfectly, down to the Minute…..Classy Coaches and Cars….,Music that was Stunning…..and the Entire Event was fueled by Love. There was no Token “Black Person” in a Sea of Corrupt Whiteness, no Drama, no Hate…..it was all Genuine Love…..and if that’s what it takes to get Trump off the Air, I vote that we Fire the Bastard, Crawl back to England, beg Forgiveness, and ask nicely to be adopted. Today, May 19th, we were all Brits….Millions of us..on both sides of the Pond…and it felt Wonderful. ❤️


Unknown-1.jpegThere were Several real “High Points during this Wedding for me…the Speakers, the Songs, the Equality and especially the Celebration itself……but one in particular really hit me hard. I’d watched as the cameras cut to Meghan’s Mother several times as she sat, very much alone, watching, waiting…and you could see her Mind Working…and Her Tears flowing.  I wasn’t the only one paying attention to her “aloneness” …… but one Gentleman…. a guy I’ve always held personally responsible for Diana’s untimely Demise actually did something about it. If you watched the Wedding you saw what he did…..and YOU Cried just as I did. …. as he took the Hand of Mrs Merkel, now the Mother of the Duchess of Sussex, and said, without speaking a Word ….

“Alone?  Not on My Watch M’Lady”…..  and She took his hand and Smiled. Alone she was not. The Entire place was filled….with Love. It’s been quite a Long time since I’ve seen anything even Close to that…..and it Felt Good. Really Good. ❤️

Kindly pass the Kleenex…..It’s happening again. ….. RB  🎩  🍎  ❤️