This WordPress thing is Pretty Intense.

Well, nice to meet you Catherine, Katie, Elizabeth, John, Paul, George and Ringo. 🎩 🍎  It was nice to receive your note last night. I’m NEW to the WordPress thing…a recent Convert from the “World according to Zuckerberg”….so kindly excuse my mistakes made as a “Newbie” learning the Ropes of Blogging here on WordPress

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If I may, you’re not a Screw-up. We need to work on that one Straight Away. Low self esteem comes hand in hand with Clinical Depression….something far different than “Being Depressed”…or “Feeling Blue”. The biggest hurdle I’ve found is that the vast majority of “Normal People” think those two things are one in the same when, in fact, they’re as different as experiencing a mild headache and having your leg amputated with a dull chain saw. There are slight differences between those two things….. I’m fairly certain of that.

If I may, this worked for me……


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#1. Turn OFF your American Television shows. and stop the friggin’ Texting 24×7. They’re both addictions and designed for people with an IQ of 20 points and below. How do you know if your a “Mindless Moron trapped by American Programming”?  If you can watch an entire Episode of “NCIS”, you’re a Moron and need immediate intervention. 🙂 You’ll Love yourself Forever after that first day you kick those habits. 🎩 Try British Television and Netflix instead. Think of your mind as a muscle… needs to be used…..or it dries up like a Prune.

#2. This next one is MUCH bigger than I expected and comes in two parts.

A: Get off the pharmaceuticals…..You know….all those drugs advertised on Television as “Side Effects which include thoughts of Suicide”. “Suicide” and “Thoughts” are the two key words there.

B: Stop drinking Soda/Pop/Caffeine That’s HUGE in getting control of your mind back.

I quit pharma and drinking 4 liters of Coke EVERY DAY ….on the same day. I called my Doc, told him what I was doing and he STRONGLY advised against it…but he knew there was no stopping me and stayed by my side during withdrawal. Said withdrawal was quite similar to living in a bad episode of the Twilight Zone for almost two weeks. Is pain involved? Nope. Just Creaking sounds in your head as your Mind readjusts. Be not afraid. 🍎 It soon gets better. …. and once it begins to get better, it just keeps rolling.  Please decide on a single “name”…preferably your own…or a “Pen Name”…. if there are consequences to using your own….but know who and what you are.  Have a purpose in life.  YOUR purpose….not someone else’s.  🎩  🍎

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4 thoughts on “This WordPress thing is Pretty Intense.

  1. You do very well for a “newbie”. I agree with all that you stated, except I’m not giving up my caffeine. 🙂 My source of caffeine is coffee – no sodas. Welcome to WordPress and thank you for following ThusNSuch.

    1. I’m a “Newbie”…..but I’m also a “Geezer”…..and a “Rock & Roll Geezer” at that! I used to be fairly easy-going and as Life dealt me some blows, as it does to all of us, I simply decided that I’d no longer have anything to do with “Bullshit”. I quit Facebook, took down all my posts but ONE on Instagram cuz they weren’t doing anything except make me realize that unless you don’t actually PURCHASE “Followers” and Comments on there, you remain a non-entinity. You, Eugina, seem to be wayyyyy ahead of most in clearly understanding all of that. I suspect you’ve been there. Yes? 🍎

      1. I don’t bother with Facebook except my posts automatically show up there via WordPress. However, my hubby likes Facebook for games and stuff.

        I’m on LinkedIn and and have learned a lot about followers. It seems purchasing followers defeats ones purpose. Just sayin.

  2. When first I discovered that you COULD actually “Purchase limitless Likes, Friends and Followers” I wasn’t at all surprised…but I was Saddened. It did also answer the question I had as to how someone could put up a post at EXACTLY Noon…..and 12 seconds later have 147,936 “Likes” magically appear. Very Strange indeed.

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