Fracking~~The End of the World as We Know It.

I just got off the phone with a dear friend and he and I were discussing REAL LIFE issues…issues that are driving me nuts AND, although you might not even know it, they’re driving YOU nuts, too. Main problem, I no longer trust ANYONE. I don’t believe what I see in the news, the “Tea Party” makes me fart so hard I blow holes in new, steel-reinforced underwear and my blood pressure is through the roof because of some of the posts that I see. Where am I going with this??

One of the big PROMISES that we’re all being fed is that we should be drilling for natural gas in order to solve all of our ENERGY problems. Lots of my “friends” are buying into that because we all read about it 24×7. Only one “being” seems to think that these methods aren’t in your best interest….and that Being would be Mother Nature. The video that you’re about to see, and hundreds more just like it, is NOT photo-shopped. These people are my former neighbors in Pennsylvania and NEW YORK…people who would give ANYTHING to get their water back…but it’s too late…the damage is done and their property is now worthless.

Before you make a big issue out of the Pipeline that we have to have or getting our gas/oil from the Grand Ole’ US of A…(which you won’t see drop #1 of for TEN YEARS after drilling begins)……ask yourself ONE question: “Do I want this shit in MY back yard…or in MY Water?” Google is a wonderful thing….use it before re-posting things which can and do kill you. 🙂

We BELIEVE in may important things that we CAN’T see. We often call it “Faith”. It’s time that we begin to believe in things that we CAN see, too…….We SHOULD be calling it what IT is……BULLSHIT!!!! ……


Leaving Facebook~~ Part Two.

Over the past few years I’ve learned much about Facebook. I’ve also learned quite a bit about Life…and People. I’ve left FB several times just to see if I could do it and found that, indeed, I could.

In just the past FEW months I’ve been making a lot of connections with some WONDERFUL Folks here in Western Mass (that would be YOU) and I’d like to stay in touch with you in the future…so here’s my card. If YOU’D like to stay in touch as well…save this contact info…drop me an email so I can add you to my address book….Find me on LinkedIn..Wordpress, Twitter …..or at… My dot com site is in the process of being rebuilt as it’s old, ignored, lonely and needs a paint job…but it should be refreshed soon. 🙂

Why am I leaving? I’ve decided that I can’t have a productive “Real Life” and a Full Blown FB addiction as well……Most importantly, “retirement” is killing me….it’s time for me to get back to work. I’ll be around for another week or so….and then one day soon you’ll think I deleted you; I didn’t….I Will Have deleted ME. ♥♥♥

Things that go Bump in the Night.

SerotineIt was 2 a.m. as I turned out the lights, settled into my warm bed, and began to read the news on my phone. A single bulb burned two feet from my head….and then I heard it. A muffled rustling at first, I turned my gaze towards the other end of the bedroom…and saw IT flying towards me……a BAT….with what appeared to be at LEAST a 4 foot wingspan. Now you MUST know that I LOVE bats and will walk among them without a worry…IF they’re outside. This one was INSIDE and traveling at high rates of speed. I was now outside of my comfort zone.

Fighting the Urge to wet my bed I immediately began running old wives tales through my head and wondered if I’d placed a shower cap under my bed so he’d tangle not in my hair and bite my head to bits. As I found no such item and was searching for other protection, he landed on the curtain….less than a foot from my throbbing noggin’. His eyes met mine and I quickly came to realize that he, too, wasn’t happy about the situation…What were we to do? I turned on the lights and he flew directly into the wall….cursing me as he momentarily went blind. He then came down the stairs, I followed and, seeing nothing of him, I did what ANY computer hound would do….I looked up a solution in “Google”.

The “Friends of Bats” advises that I watch where it lands and then catch him in a “butterfly net”. Question? Do YOU have a butterfly net that you keep in your home? I thought not. I grubbed about looking for a Silver Stake so that, if I were attacked, I could get at least a single chance before I was bitten and turned into a Vampire.

Deciding that violence wasn’t the answer I hoped that opening the door and simply calling his name (Vampire) would allow him to find his way out… but by 4:30 I realized that he was curled up somewhere–watching me–awaiting his opportunity to strike. Bottom Line. He still watches…….from a spot unknown……and I…..I have a queasy feeling in my belly….and a very tired head. This is NOT going to be a good day.