Things you CAN’T say about the Beatles on Craigs List.

I love having conversations with musicians when the topic is the “Death of Rock and Roll”. When did it happen….and why? Why don’t people care about bands anymore?

Well, keeping in mind that this is a WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE topic with a multitude of reasons going far beyond THIS one, let me simply say this: MANY musicians BLAME Drinking and Smoking laws as the reasons why people don’t leave their house to go see you perform and ENTERTAIN. I totally disagree. WE screwed ourselves when managers like Brain Epstein died and musicians began to try and do “business” for themselves. PRE-Brian the Beatles looked like shit…..just like their audience….and barely clung to existance. Here are two pictures of the Beatles. Which of the two different bands are YOU more likely to go see?? (Forget the ties, which one simply appeals to you more?)

The music business will come back at some time in the distant future…….when bands figure out that not only do they need to SOUND good, start playing earlier in the evening and take fewer breaks……but they need to LOOK DIFFERENT than the guy who just got off the potato boat..wearing dirty sneakers, cargo shorts and a “Remember #3 Tee-shirt”. Brian Epstein was a smart guy…..and there will only be one “Beatles”…but I can GUARANTEE you that the band pictured left would NEVER have met Ed Sullivan……or changed the world.

Yes, times change, styles change and there are ALWAYS exceptions….but musicians aren’t exactly “packing ’em in” these days, are we? Should we be trying things other than those that haven’t worked AT ALL for the past ten years yet remain firmly lodged in the “Rock & Roll Rule Book”?? Perhaps it’s time to go back to the history books instead, eh? What have we got to lose? If your band absolutely sucks, wear clown suits–at least you’ll be noticed. 🙂

Bass-ically Yours,

Rich Briere