Life: Before and After Meds.

So here’s one of those posts which, 5 minutes after I post it, …I’ll wish I hadn’t.  Ready?

I had a stroke awhile back and was immediately put on about a dozen meds…..In a relatively short period of time my personality changed…..My Creativity was gone and I was incapable of expressing Emotion. ….  cuz I simply didn’t HAVE any Emotion.  Tears were a thing of the past. I didn’t KNOW that they were gone……cuz the Anti-depressants  and other Fun-Pharmas kept a tight lid on what my Mind would allow. I had Dreams that would cause Stephen King to Shit himself……and I had them every night. In other words…..I was becoming a Zombie without a Clue. Then I smashed my BACK to pieces. Aging Sucks……so I now ignore it.  ❤ ❤   YOU can get old if you’d like…..but I’m NOT going with you.

Why am I telling you this?  Cuz I just read the report on how many Americans eat pills like Candy……and Now Heroin has become HUGE with our / your kids.

So…..shortly after quitting Coca-Cola (2 2-litre bottles a day) and all soft drinks)…..and going through the withdrawal (and trust me….there is one when you quit Caffeine), I consulted one of the most brilliant medical minds in the Country on how to take the next Step.

Me:  I can’t take this anymore……this shit is killing me. I’m not going to take another pill.

Doc:  If you go Cold Turkey…..You’ll Die. No Joke. You’ll Die.

Me: Death wasn’t really something I was looking forward to…..but neither is living to be 85 and wearing diapers.

Doc:  OK…..Here’s the plan. In 2 months, you’ll be clean.

Results after following “The Plan:  I’m clean…..have been for a couple of months now. Life has never been better. I sleep like a baby… too much pizza…..but….My Mind has returned. My Music is better. My “Essential shakes” have disappeared…..and, get this, I CRY when I watch sad movies!!!  Holy Crap!!! Where did THAT come from!!??

There’s a Reason why, in TV Commercials, they repeat the symptoms you could “Experience” while distracting you with film of folks having a great time.  If you HEAR the same message time after time the message means NOTHING to you…..What you SEE takes over…..and you no longer think the Symptoms “Including Death”…..could happen to you. Guess what?  They Can….and they Do. So….Ask YOUR Doctor if LIVING is Right for You.

Do yourself a Favor…..Get a Second Opinion. ….. and a third if need be….cuz Big Pharma sends some Doctors on Nice Vacations if they keep selling “Lots of Product”.   STRONGLY consider getting off of that shit…cuz it WILL kill you. Your Mind is a Terrible thing to Waste.

My thanks to my 3 Docs, none of whom knew one another, who had a phone conference…..and especially my Neurologist who called me at home at 10 P.M that night and talked to me for more than an Hour.

Bottom Line.  You’re NOT Nuts……but Pills take over your Body AND your Mind and they CHANGE You. Consider getting Yourself back……Does it suck for a couple of weeks?  Yup……then you Spread your Wings and you Fly…. like a Friggin’ Eagle. You’re a Champion……cuz Mother Nature made you one.

Good Luck.  Rich Briere.

Footnote:  I’m not a Doctor nor do I play one on TV…..but in the Department of “Everything Happens for a Reason”…..I’d like to thank Several folks and your names will appear in the Comments below so as not to cause you to remove Tags……but a Special Thanks to the entire Porcaro Family…..because, with Love and Respect to all of you, your Losses gave me back MY Life.  I owe each of you in a HUGE Way.

The Players on this Tune got me through my Darkest Days during my Withdrawal….not the Message… as Much as the Guys Delivering it…….  Love and Peace to All. ❤ ❤ ❤

Life is Bassilicious…….  Rich Briere



TAKEN: Stories of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women — Discover

Taken is a television series dedicated to telling the individual stories of the more than 1,000 indigenous women who have gone missing or have been murdered in Canada.

via TAKEN: Stories of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women — Discover

An Apple a Day…….

OK…..I HAVE to share this with You…..

Over the past few weeks my Apple Magic Mouse has been sick. At first I thought it was Cancer of the Mouse……It was eating Batteries like Donuts and Connecting and Disconnecting at Will. It also just didn’t feel right. Today it died.

I called Apple after checking where I was going to go get a replacement. The NEW Magic Mouse is $79……I was Sad.

They climbed into my Computer via the phone line and looked around…..”Hmmmm’ , Aghhhhh'” said the Tech. I was waiting for the “Death Certificate” for the Poor Mouse….but….

Interjection required here! I used to used NON-Apple products. 2 Dells died on me in rapid succession. I had a HP Laptop that I had nothing but problems with. 10 days after the Warranty Expired, so did the $1,000 Laptop.

Those are the Breaks” said HP….. “Eat Shit and Die”, said I. I bought my first Apple iMac 12 minutes later. Other Apple Products followed.

Happy Ending!!!

The Head Service Tech at Apple gets on the phone, introduces himself and says…… “Rich, I just looked at your Account. Your new Magic Mouse is going out the Door in about 8 minutes….you’ll have it tomorrow before noon”.

My Heart stopped beating for a second.

“How much will all this cost me? The $79 Mouse? The Overnight Shipping? The Service Charge?”

Ready? “It’s free…N/C …We’ve got you on This one….just toss the 4 year old Mouse….or Bury it”

I sat here…..Stunned. I’m STILL Stunned. $100 worth of Mouse and Shipping. No Charge. No Stress. No Acid Indigestion.

Apple Friggin’ Rocks!!!


Facebook is Failing.

I’ll be the First to Admit it unless someone Else wants to Join in and Help me…….What am I Admitting? I’m admitting that Facebook is really becoming a DRAG.  First we have Daily, Non-Stop Trump Battles.

Then we have Folks who pretend that NONE of that shit Matters and they Carry on as if Reality doesn’t Matter.

Drama is a Biggie… is Cruelty……and Politics/NRA

I may be overly sensitive at the Moment but a Couple  of Hours ago a Very Nice Woman, an artist in fact, posted two pics:  The first was a Selfie……clearly showing that she MAY possess two of the Finest Breasts ever Created. That post got HAMMERED by Hundreds of Guys saying the Rudest shit on Earth to her.  Some of the Comments proposed Marriage….a Proposal which their Current Wives wouldn’t have found Funny….I’m fairly certain of that.

Next she Posted two of her pieces of Art….. *Crickets*…Nothing.  Very Nice paintings.  Nothing.

I spent most of last night sitting right here deleting 4800 photos that I’ve taken over the past couple of years …… I couldn’t sleep cuz the Ringing in my Ears was at an all-time high. I’d just come from a Gig where the drummer plays so loud that I’ve come to the Conclusion that I simply can’t play with them anymore. The Good news?  I did get to delete 3756 of the pics. ❤  Reminders of Relationships Gone Baimages-9d, Hundreds of pics from Luthiers and Trump Memes all Gone.

Pics of Mother Nature, Beautiful Things and Basses Remain…..A Fresh Start. Am I frustrated?  I must be cuz these Words don’t sound like me……but I’ll be fine.  ❤

Pioneer Valley Players Sought ~ Oakley’s Ghost Revisited?

Oakley’s Ghost Rises from the Dead !
After spending 20 Years Away from Western Mass… I returned from New York…expecting to find at least SOME things in “MusicVille” as they once were. SOME things are better…..the “Iron Horse” for example-I’ve been there three times in a week to see and hear INCREDIBLE bands! But, MANY things have faded away: MANY Music Stores are gone, Venues are Gone, Affordable Concerts are Gone and, while not limited to Western Mass, INTEREST in “music” itself seems to have taken a hike.

I KNOW that the musicians are here in the Pioneer Valley (I hear you breathing) and that we all have the same DESIRE to MAKE music….but I DO have to admit that after putting together the costs of buying gear, spending the time learning to play, buying gas, LUGGING gear around and shelling out a never-ending river of ca$$$h for other expenses involved in rehearsing and performing, only to find that the $9 you made “at the door” falls FARRRRRR short of the expenses incurred to do the gig is…well…downright depressing. 😦

Make no mistake, I don’t play to make money….VERY few of us do….but I SURE would like to find a few MATURE, Valley Residents, who have GREAT gear that they LOVE dearly and a set of ears to go with it,…. and Wonderful personalities ….people who might be interested in joining myself and a BRILLIANT lead guitarist in putting “Oakley’s Ghost” back in the saddle. I BELIEVE that we might be Collectively Known as DREAMERS….but ya’ can’t KNOW unless you try….right???

Type of music??? If you’d LOVE to hear something akin to “Tom Petty” or “Bruce Springsteen” coming off of the stage that YOU’RE performing on, and YOU have the talent and desire to make that music happen, we should talk. If we don’t end up playing together, perhaps we could all sit at one of our homes, sipping wine, eating cashews and enjoying MAGNIFICENTLY produced 5.1 DVD BluRays in our Home Theatres …WISHING that WE could be those we see….along with those who USED to support live music but no longer find music beginning at 10 pm, ending at 2 pm and interrupted by non-stop requests for “FREEBIRD” from one of those three drunks standing in the back an enjoyable thing to take part in. Wanna’? :^>)

Bass-ically Yours,
Rich Briere