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Twitter and Instagram get Zapped

I don’t know why I stayed on Twitter and Instagram as long as I did.  I suppose, like many of us, I kept hoping that they’d suddenly matter…..but they never did.  Oddly enuff, I get far better responses from Google+ , a site where I don’t speak the same language that my best friends do, than I did from Twitter or Instagram ….. and I’ve long known that anyone who still has a Facebook account after all the information that’s been made public about Facebook SERIOUSLY needs to get their head examined.

History won’t be kind to “Social Media”…..or to Smartphone addiction.  I’ll continue to Like what I Like…..and to Write what I Write……and now, after my recent Cataract Surgery, I can finally See again…..so I’m able to appreciate my Photography as much as my Music.  I’m fortunate…..a Lucky Man indeed.  Life gets better by the Day.  🍎

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A Kiss in the Wind

I HATE when You try to Sell me Something. Drives me NUTS! 🎩

……… https://youtu.be/1NXBLxZcO2Q

So…… You’re a  Music Industry Professional or a MEGA-Fan of Pink Floyd? If so, you’re quite likely aware of “Sax Wrestler”, “Fred Astaire Look-alike” , “Song and Dance Man”… and “Stage-Ripping-Reptile”, +Scott Page …..one of the Nicest Guys you’ll ever meet. He and several of the Biggest Names in the Business have come up with a NEW Network and if you happen to be one of the “Chosen”……aka, Kind, Classy, Too Good Lookin’ for Words…(maybe NOT that one)….. and too Old to use the Word “DOPE” when describing something you think is “Cool”…… you might want to get in on this while you can.

Am I trying to SELL this?  Nope. I have no Financial Interest in this at all…..Only interest in Seeing it Succeed. In Fact, I BLOCK Salespeople in Less than a Heartbeat….as several here have already Discovered.

Why am I a Member? Cuz Facebook Sucks and it’s time for something this Cool to Develop… SLOWLY. Scott and I go back to the Floyd Days and that’s my ONLY Connection here…..Music. 💃🏼 🕺🏼

If you and I know one another personally, and we actually get along anyway, tell Scott I sent you. Here’s your POSSIBLE Ticket in….Keyword?…”POSSIBLE”. Are we absolutely CLEAR on that? No Guarantees and AT BEST this will take awhile. If you can’t be found on Google,  ………Good Luck. 🎧

I look forward to seeing my “Pink Pals” and other Music Industry Folks.

BTW……”Which One’s…Pink?”

See Ya there. 🎩




What a Difference a Week Makes.


…….https://youtu.be/IFxCRU2pdXkSoldier of Fortune

The Good News is that two weeks ago I had Surgery on my Left Eye.  It appears to have been Successful. We take our Sight for Granted…..and we Shouldn’t.

The Bad News is that I contracted some type of infection two days later…sinus related it appears…which left me absolutely wasted and completely Breathless.  At one point my coughing became so intense that I was fairly certain that I was going to suddenly feel my Heart cease to Beat….and I’d Expire. My Lungs Hated me. My Eye hated me. I Hated me.  Sincere thanks to Dr Sean Dacus and his Staff for going above and beyond the Call of Duty …. and keeping me on this Earth.

As I’d mentioned previously I was quite moved with the Wedding of “Harry and the Duchess”.  I shouldn’t have been as those things aren’t exactly my Cup of Chai….but I was….I felt like a Baby as I watched from beginning to end and went through half a box of Kleenex in the Process.

It took me Several days to put ALL the pieces together but I believe I finally have…..and the pic you see at the Top of this page, shamelessly ripped off from @lowveecole , should give you a hint.  Diana has always been a major influence in my life for one simple Reason; I can relate to much of what she went through in Life…..especially the feeling of being Used. No matter which rung you end up on as far as the “Ladder of Life” goes, that feeling or emotion applies to many of us.  🎩  ❤️  🎧

As if On Que, out came +Candice Night , wife of Richie Blackmore, the Woman you see singing in the Video Above and the Perfect Image of my “Imaginary Lover”.  Although in Real Life I’m completely Done with Relationships as they haven’t exactly worked out well for me, my Dream Machine continues to Conjure up the Perfect Relationship for me, place it in my Mind and Dangle it there….. and she’s pretty darn close.  However, I’m always aware that THIS Image also applies.


Life is an Odd Game….is it Not??  🎩  🍎 ❤️ 🎧

Naked-Megha Sood

While it’s often said that “All Men are Created Equal”….. I, in part, Respectfully Disagree. While we may be BORN as Equals there are those who soon reach for a TV Remote, Dial in “Survivor” or some Brain-Eating “Shoot ’em Up” American programming and are Quite Satisfied with what they See…and Become…..and then there are Others. … Thinkers. Dreamers. Those who Hope for a Better Life. 🎩 #quality #class #think

Go Dog Go Café


It takes away all your inhibitions

strips down all your fears and 

scrubs away all the malice

and rubs that ever glowing concoction

of love and passion on you

to give you that ever glowing


that patina,

that is ageless and eternal

You cannot hide behind your facade

it will strip away your masks

and make you see the beautiful heart

you carry

and nurture within

it is your eternal mirror 

which reflects 

what no one can see

or can feel it either

it reflects you as YOU


washes away all your 

fears and inhibitions

it finally peels and strips

down the

piercing perceptions

embedded in your self 

for so long

and renders you pure

when love touches you deeply, my love

it leaves you naked.


Photo by Mickael Gresset on Unsplash

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